Suction Arm (Ceiling Mounted)


This installed Orkan filtration system is designed for capturing of aerosols at the source.

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The Dorma Filtration suction arm allows capturing of aerosols at the source. Combined with our filtration units, the arm serves as source capture for a complete filtration solution. The arm’s external supports and articulation joints are readily accessible, easy to adjust and require no maintenance. The arm includes an air diverter in the hood significantly increasing aerosol capture velocity.

The suction arm can be mounted on the ceiling or used with a mobile stand allowing for more flexibility

Additional Information:

  • The unique design of the robust and durable top pivot made of steel makes 360° rotation easy.
  • No internal joints
  • Air volume damper included
  • Self-locking joints
  • 2 grab handles for arm positioning
  • Shipped fully assembled
  • Stainless steel tubes and hood available
  • Captures at source to reduce the concentration of pollutants and pathogens as recommended by Work Safe authorities to protect individuals working in environments that are harmful to their health.
  • Baked antimicrobial paint finish.
  • Oversized to maximize airflow and to reduce airspeed  noise typical of smaller tubes.
  •  Locking medical grade casters.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Made in Canada since 1999.