Filter Replacement Kit


Replacement prefilters kit for Air Filtration Unit

Suitable for :
– HA-500 unit
– HA-300 unit
– Pla900

Contains :
– 4 carbon prefilters

Easy to replace.

For filter replacement product inquiries. Please visit epurair.com. For more information, please contact Epurair.com at 1 (514) 316-4368 or 1 (800) 205-1108.

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Filters Replacement Kit for Air filtration unit 

Activated carbon prefilters must be replaced every six months to maintain the efficiency level of the filtration system so that it can continue to perform its primary function, which is improving the quality of the ambient air.  It is essential to use HEPA Epurair replacement prefilters, designed to maximize the performance of your unit.

This kit contains 4 activated carbon prefilters.

Suitable for :
HA-500 unit
HA-300 unit