The Dorma Filtration Kit For The CCM COVID-19 Hood In Clinics

Dorma Filtration has created a kit to allow for the usage of CCM Hoods in clinics. Our kit includes:

  • The PLAC300  Air Supply Unit which takes air from an external source and sends it to the hood
  • 2 CCM Hoods
  • Tubing and connectors required to connect the hood to the Air Supply Unit

What Does The Kit Include

PLAC300 Air Supply

The PLAC300 Air Supply is a wall-mounted air supply unit that has 3 connections for hoods.

CCM Hoods

The CCM Hood is created by CCM and available for additional purchase directly from CCM. The Dorma Filtration kit includes 2 hoods

Tubing & Connectors

We offer medical grade tubing and connectors which allow the safe connection of the Hoods to the Air Supply Unit

Frequently Asked Questions

How many connections can the air supply handle?
The Air Supply unit can handle 3 concurrent connections

How much does the kit cost?
The kit is $1500 including all components.

Can we buy components of the kit separately?
Unfortunately to maintain inventory levels we do not sell individual components of the kit

Where can I get additional hoods?
Hoods can be purchased directly from CCM by contacting [email protected]