Dorma Lab was founded in 2016 by a team of doctors in Quebec, including maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Rene Caissie. When the COVID-19 crisis hit, Dr. Caissie turned his focus to PPE and creating a complete solution to protect his team and patients. 

Dorma Filtration is the PPE division of Dorma Lab. Dorma Filtration has teamed up with various Canadian organizations to bring its products to life, including the National Research Council of Canada, M.I Integration, Orkan Inc, and Sefar BDH inc. Dorma is driven by a mission to design sustainable, efficient, and eco-friendly products that offer exceptional respiratory protection. 

Dorma Filtration has designed and manufactures two reusable 99PFE respirators with integrated filters, the Dorma 99 and Dorma 95 respirators. Both are made from biocompatible and recyclable components, and can be reprocessed for reuse in medical and industrial settings, respectively. With >99% filtration efficiency against particles free of oil, the respirators offer superior protection as compared to standard N95 respirator masks.

Health Canada approved the Dorma 99 in November 2020 as a 99PFE-L3 respirator (surgical N99 equivalent). The authorization set a precedent for reusable respirators, cementing the Dorma 99 as a leader in the space. 

Dorma Filtration endeavours to protect millions of citizens during and after the pandemic, providing increased respiratory protection for healthcare professionals, essential workers, and the public at large.

DORMA FILTRATION’s quality policy is to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by:

– Being committed to meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations in quality product and service

– Complying with ISO 13485:2016, NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84, and Canadian regulatory requirements.