Innovative reusable respirators with 99% filtration efficiency against airborne particles and other contaminants with no filter changes required. 

The Dorma 99 is approved by Health Canada as a 99PFE-L3 respirator (IO315359). Dorma Filtration licensed by Health Canada to manufacture and distribute Class I medical devices, including 99PFE respirators.

Leveraging injection molding technology, a Canadian supply chain, and local manufacturing partnerships, the Dorma 95 respirator is 100% made in Canada.

Developed by a team of over 50 doctors, programmers, engineers and scientists, in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada.

The innovative Dorma respirators are reusable, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable masks. 

dorma 99 respirator

made for HEALTHCARE professionals

Dorma Filtration designed a reusable 99PFE respirator. An eco-friendly alternative to N95 masks. The Dorma 99 respirator offers high filtration efficiency combine with comfort and safety. 

APR Dorma 95
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Filtration systems

We offer a variety of high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration solutions for clinics. Our True HEPA filters removes 99.97% of all airborne pathogens of 0.3 micron or more, ensuring contaminated droplets and aerosols are removed from examination and operating rooms. This continuous filtration allows medical professionals to keep their focus on their practice & patients.

Portable Solutions With No Installation

We offer a portable solution that meets most dental college requirements including the same true HEPA filters that are used by our hospital customers

In-Ceiling Room

Filters for consultation and waiting rooms, creating a clean air and reducing risk to staff and patients

Operating Room

Filters with an extendable arm allowing for closer decontamination of aerosols and droplets installed on a ceiling or with a floor mount


With Comfort and protection in Mind

The Dorma 95 respirator is made with lightweight, biocompatible materials that conform to a user’s face. The fit provides a tight seal without pressure points.  

Ultimate protection without sacrificing comfort. 

The highest quality RESPIRATOR

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
Particulate Filtration Efficiency